Plastic Industry

When a small number of diversified orders become the norm, what needs to change the operation process of the enterprise?

What happens when the product is diversified? How to solve the plastic industry due to a small number of diverse orders brought by the small quantity of procurement, small batch production, inventory management, delivery speed, frequent line and mold change, even the production efficiency of a significant decline? …

A small number of diverse orders and changes

In the face of a small number of diverse markets, is it okay to just adjust the ordering mode? Incidentally, the problem continues to occur after the ordering mode is adjusted …


You can do this…

A production management model that addresses a small number of diverse issues


Production scheduling automation

Clearly, the production capacity is not fully loaded, but the order still cannot be discharged. The manual production capacity cannot meet the complex production conditions caused by a small amount of diversity. Under the circumstance that the timeliness and accuracy of on-site information are insufficient, the scheduling efficiency is not good.

The first step:

after the production management and field master experience information, let the system to automatically arrange the production!

In line with the scheduling considerations of the plastics industry

  • Order production priority judgment.
  • Priority should be given to the production mode of continuous use of the mold to reduce line changing.
  • Same color, material production together, reduce the cleaning, line cleaning action.
  • Right and left common mold production judgment conditions.
  • Availability and limited resources considerations.

The second step:

the system automatically output the mold use status, in advance to do a good job of prevention management!

Then ~ keep doing ~

Confirm if any orders may be delayed recently, analyze the reasons for the delay and propose action plan

And combined with equipment gantt chart, capacity load, calendar. Clearly grasp the capacity situation

Faced with a small amount of diversity, what do plastics do?

In the face of a small number of diverse markets, as long as the adjustment of the order mode? However, the problem continues to occur after the adjustment of the order mode.

Shigeru article plastic

Our products are a small number of variety, quantity is very large every day… The assistant manager of the business department said: “the customer will temporarily insert the order, and the business will promise the customer that the delivery date can be completed as scheduled. However, he did not take into account the current situation of the order quantity in the factory.


Zhongqin Industry

Manager Su said. Customized things need to be fast, racing against time, relatively high risk. Zhongqin has been custom-made from the design end, and the raw materials need to be prepared first. The custom ratio exceeds 80%, and the materials cannot be shared with each other …


Qinlong Plastic

In order to cope with a small number of customer needs, we switched from the original OEM model to ODM collaborative design, mastered the DFM (Designfor Manafacturing) principle, and provided customers with a complete solution from design drawings to product manufacturing …


Faced with a small amount of diversity, what does the plastic industry do?

After the product becomes diversified? How does the plastic industry solve the small purchase and small batch production caused by a small number of diverse orders?

Inventory management, delivery speed, frequent line and mold changes, and even a significant decline in production efficiency? …

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