In today’s highly competitive global market, delivering differentiating, right to market products faster is critical to a company’s success as they strive to obtain a “first mover” competitive advantage. Winning companies must have swift and agile organizations that can adopt their products and business processes to meet rapidly changing market demands. Operational speed and flexibility are key factors in improving business performance and addressing the issues of time, cost, market change, and resource availability. Enterprises need to have the ability to access the functional applications they need, as they need them, for as long as they need them without having to pre-define what may be required to support a project or program. In this way, enterprises will naturally not only meet the ERP but also know how to strengthen the function of managing all aspects of IT tools to optimize the operation of enterprises  They also need to be able to use these applications within business processes etc… product development, and be able to share information quickly and securely. They need dynamic, flexible Product Lifecycle.

TIP TOP GP is designed to address the inflexibility of existing ERP software by allowing businesses to choose the deployment option that fits their specific needs. TIPTOP GP is a flexible and cost-effective option and offers extensive benefits for growth and expansion.

Combination– Integration– Globalization

TIPTOP GP help businesses to assist enterprises in management, global distribution, effective control and operational challenges of managing multiple locations, set up flexibility and expanded operational structure.

  • Applicable to all types of business models OEM / ODM / OBM group multi- plant operations, offers a variety of marketing mode (MTS, BTO, CTO)
  • And production patterns (discrete manufacturing management, process Continuous production management , project -based manufacturing management )
  • Extending the value chain retail industry , designed to provide multi-dimensional organization , management wholesale distribution , retail management , shopping center management .
  • Consolidated merchandise trade cooperation platform, chain link works from the inside out.
  • Provide multinational accounting system (IFRS / Local GAAP), corporate capital management, comprehensive budget management, management of financial statements.
  • Access to the characteristics of a Target market area, integrate development of Taiwan’s bond management and contract management.
  • Enterprise business management solutions allow law firms and professional services organizations to run all decision-making, performance management, internal control.
  • Providing flexible architecture, internal documents and multi-language user interface for the enterprises.
  • (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese , English , Japanese , Vietnamese , Thai) and self- amplification.


IT technical architecture on demand

U of IT intelligent platform

IT applications in recent years have achieved rapid development, and there is still accelerating trend. The Genero of TIPTOP GP meets the needs of the enterprise. To support enterprises to build the most advanced IT environment, the most advanced equipment, computer equipments, smart mobile devices, making a popular application systems in business management.


    • Cross-platform programs may run on UNIX, Linux, Windows or Mac OS, such as the software portability; cross-platform software development required from the client for servers and workstations to achieved “Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere” in order to help enterprises reduce complexity and enhance user productivity.

User-Friendly UI

    • The user interface is one of the most important parts of any program because it determines how easily you can make the program do what you want. A powerful program with a poorly designed user interface has little value.

Web based AP

    • Application programs do not just run the program through the Web Internet; but also connect to the Internet , whether at any time or any place , users can still log in the website and easy to connect using the system. In addition, the enterprise EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) – “Enterprise Information System Integration Entrance”, the applications through the website becomes a basic threshold.

Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA)

    • SOA can help organizations streamline processes so that they can do business more efficiently, and adapt to changing needs and competition, enabling the software as a service concept.
    • SOA is an architectural style that has been around for years, “Web services” are the preferred standards-based way to realize SOA.

The M breakthrough the space and time

    • “Work is what you do, not where you go to” _ that means the M utilize the Internet to help staff work at anywhere and anytime to connect with the company system, timely completion of the exchange of data synchronization. For example, M is turned completely broke visible boundaries of the enterprise, so that enterprises can truly reach the realm of implementation at anytime and anywhere to help businesses operate and serve unlimited.

Flexible development platform for custom reports

    • TIPTOP GP comprehensive report using world-class development tools: TIPTOP GP flexible reporting solution to meet business needs, to assist the development of the IT team out of trouble reports, reduce development effort, so that management information and delivery will more timely and accurate.

Group organization

TIPTOP GP support group organizational structure, business organization, mixed management, centralized management.

Legal system and management system organize according to the actual needs of enterprises, create a flexible organization.

The Forecast Trading Group

Planning and accurately estimate are the foundation to achieve business objectives, combine with sales history, seasonal factors, market trends, marketing data, TIPTOP GP offers a variety range of tissues base on historical data, the average data, the weighted average number, exponential smoothing method.

For the purposes of the operation group, you need a bottom-up forecasting, top-down forecasting adjustment, and the budget amounts, large multi-angle mount, the historical analysis.

Group Sales Management

How to control and manage the branch pipe, branch offices and even retail data integration, it is a challenge to the group that company had to face.

TIP TOP GP Distribution Management Group

  • Support multi-level organizational structure, such as: the headquarters, a large area, small area, province, branch, prefecture-level cities.
  • Support multi-attribute product categories, including: category, brand, series, type, size, attributes.
  • Support sales proposal management group for sales, rebates management, product line.
  • Debt management, warranty control, speed control product sales, control of batch production, and capacity Product barcode, barcode box, weight, volume, zero support, FCL and other management.

The Production Management Group

TIPTOP GP can fit the needs of production patterns of many industries, including repetitive production, continuous production, discrete manufacturing, but also support the Group layout, production facilities and the more integrated of the finance is not limited to the so-called control surfaces. TIPTOP GP can fit manufacturing management features, such as multi-point industry, capacity allocation, production management, production stage management, project management, RMA maintenance management.

Advanced Enterprise Scheduling

For capacity and material requirements planning, enterprises often do not capture the actual production status and progress of the workshop materials procurement planning only based on estimated production capacity and order entry policies individually, in order to raising the standard of customer service and commitment to delivery deadlines that often leads to working overtime or outsourcing to meet the delivery of orders. Due to the material cannot be considered to limit capacity planning, but also may cause material parts procurement plan cannot meet the production plan, which affects the established production schedule, causing unable to meet the delivery time or the price is too high.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling ( APS) system is the use of advanced models and algorithms currently provide a viable material requirements planning and production scheduling considering enterprise resource planning restrictions, provides an analysis of What-If allows planners to quickly combine production constraints and order capacity, race, inventory, BOM and other relevant information to make the best planning and decisions that balance the  business interests with the needs of customers to meet customer demand and the face of fierce competition in the market.

Logistics and distribution management

In the distribution channel structure, TIPTOP GP support program management and distribution. Based on the orders of the headquarters and regional coordination plan to distribute goods, including: delivery to customers, the transporting goods from headquarters to branch offices, and transfer coordination between the office and the office.

At the order processing center and the multi-level distribution management, the branch offices must compare with the parent company’s accounts. Therefore, TIPTOP GP supports for multi-level distribution in the accounting classification and distribution group management.

Retail and Distribution Management

Support supermarket chains, stores, department stores, convenience stores, store management, organizational structure to support multilevel modes, such as Headquarters or Distribution center support multiple business model: retail, retail dealer, dealers discount and associates; contract management can be summarized as the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk.

Multiple purchase prices:

  • Provide a flexible mechanism for automatic replenishment
  • Provide instant batch management, tracking the flow of each commodity, the reverse can also be traced back to procurement of goods;
  • Support variety sales: POS, wholesale, etc.
  • Support payment methods: cash, check, credit card, bank card, vouchers, stored-value cards, POS payments.
  • Support promotional methods: offer price, discounts, coupons, gifts, etc.


Standardized system interfaces, system integration.

  • Provide multi-level model “Headquarters + Branch”
  • Support centralized purchasing and standardized management.


  • Provide floor-plan of the first floor, pavilions, playgrounds…
  • Based on the floor- plan can know the location and rent situation, based on demand to understand the business situation.


Provide stages (investor registration -> potential investors -> investing) to record the negotiation process.


  • Rent setting policy including: a fixed rent, rent control, price ceiling + price floor, with different combinations prices.
  • Based on the conditions of contract to set the discount and collection (such as: electricity, sanitation fees, management fees etc.)


  • In addition to the basic data , and provides a detailed understanding of consumer data to analyze a business process and strengthen customer relationship management.
  • Provide more information of members, and note specific prices / historical cost / accumulated amount.


  • Types of marketing ( conventional marketing , marketing mix , wide marketing ) , the types of promotion ( special price , discount , rebate) , gift exchange.
  • Sales positions – multiple locations with different kinds of marketing can be based on the information of products to set the scope of marketing.
  • Provide methods to set the time of market flexibility, including time to market and installment payment plan.

Methods of payment

Provide the point of sale (POS) systems, an automatic teller machine or ATM with a highly efficient.

Automatic reconciliation, rapid settlement agreement

Automated merchant fees and statement management, and provide detailed information in order to reduce costs and collect costs for reconciliation.

Statement analysis and data analysis

  • Provides a graphical analysis of statistical reports to help administrators timely analysis information.
  • Including common analysis reports, such as : the business situation , the period , comparing and analyzing the situation in the same period of business development , business analysis, the contribution of enterprises , rank revenue, sales analysis , consumer analysis , ….


The future competitiveness of enterprises is not only a competition between enterprises, but also the competition between the supply chain systems. TIPTOP GP EC platform (E-commerce) will provide information related the global supply chain with rapid exchange and integration in order to build a complete supply chain, to achieve a flexible international cooperation, to enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry value chain.


  • Procurement processing via the Web
  • Provides online parity function
  • Supplier shipment status
  • Supplier receipt and payment status


  • Inventory management and related reporting
  • The selling price management
  • Promotional advertising announcements
  • Competitor and customer data collection, processing problems reactions


Meet intra-group transactions, accounting business dealings collaboration, support disbursement of funds of the subsidiary’s liquidation to provide receivables, payables, and it supports multi-currency and different currency verification.

  • Supported by the gradual consolidation and management of mergers;
  • Support sales activities and financial accounting ;
  • As well as foreign currency translation adjustments and provide notice of differences in accounting system;
  • Uneven approach to internal debt management and debt write-off, automatic calculation of internal profits, automatic asset impairment write-off;
  • Flexibility to determine the scope of business area consolidation or be operating segments has been aggregated to reportable segments.


Support and achieve financial group, centralized management of funds within the financial funds, optimizing the Group’s capital allocation, and support internal capital allocation and capital of the Group, help owners understand the Group’s funding gap.

  • TIPTOP GP Group’s capital management can simulate a variety of models, select the analog company, select the analog type, such as orders, purchase orders, sales etc.;
  • Before the end of the supply chain can be included to achieve a financial simulation;
  • Simulation time interval can be chosen;
  • Simulation of multi-currency statement [Currency Trading / Currency Converter / Group Currency];
  • We simulate all needed work steps under realistic circumstances (enter the adjustment amount to view).


TIPTOP GP budget management support enterprises realize the overall budget cycle.

Specifically: Working contents and procedures of overall budget management; overall budget management flow; overall budget flow approval; budget implementation control; budget variance analysis.

  • TIPTOP GP based on the process of setting a budget, creating a budget helps set company goals for the upcoming year and marks a clear path of where a company wants to go in the future and how they intend to get there.
  • An effective approach to achieve the strategic objectives and proper resources allocation of an enterprise. It is a kind of business operation system which contains the functions of control, motivation, evaluation, etc. and intends to comprehensively and thoroughly implementing the strategic policies of the enterprise.
  • It impossible to establish a complete set of budget system between the subcompany and parent company.
  • It is also possible to make contrast analysis between the budget data and performance data of the budget item, analyze the variance and analyze the causes of the variance through different levels. By use of the analysis methods such as index analysis, contrast analysis, cycle contrast analysis, set-based analysis, etc. it can support then enterprise in decision-making. It also enables the graphic illustration of the analysis report.
  • Support Top-Down or Bottom-Up
  • The accuracy of budget compilation and the achievement of budget performance shall both be appraised and analyzed.
  • Achieve concurrent monitoring, timely early-warning.
  • It is vital to use budget in appraisal and evaluation.





Peter F. Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” In a rapidly changing business environment, the CEO and CIO must be wise because all businesspeople recognize the painful necessity of choice. Furthermore, making these choices must be done in a timely fashion, for as most people recognize, indecision is in essence a choice in and of itself—a choice to take no action. Ultimately, what drives business success is the quality of decisions, and their implementation. Good decisions mean good business.

ASDC TIPTOP GP focus on providing enterprise business intelligence products and services to increase “true business wisdom”, combine with The Balanced Scorecard – BSC, key performance indicators (KPI), business intelligence (BI), Executive Information System (EIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Knowledge Management System (KMS), learning management system (e-Learning) and enterprise instant war intelligence center (War Room) etc… to support CEO and CIO to construct a “business intelligence” and “corporate performance management” to build new value into the intelligent enterprise.


Business Objects Digiwin added functionality associated information sharing by MSN, Mobile, information system in BI (business intelligence), and timely indicators show the KPI with KM. The 4: new integration, new features, new technology, new applications, to help the CEO and CIO work together and implement the anytime, anywhere , worldwide connections.

TIM ( TIPTOP Implementation Methodology )

TIPTOP GP has a lot of experience from practical experience developed into the standard input methods, minimizing gaps and mobilization of human minimization.

Appreciate the effectiveness of training
The training process follows a consistent standard procedure, and when the training went on stage based on each client’s situation which offer different services; there are full of data at each stage, the new standard was carried out the next stage.

Unreserved technology transfer
Provide source code, complete Technology transfer so that customers have “Information Autonomy.”

Supporting enterprises established SOP
Based on each business process and the customers’ needs in the business situation, purchasing, production model combined with the current situation and business policy management in the future to put the correction of the basic necessity.

Services exclusive advisor 
During the training period, the customer can request to follow advisory, support PM anytime and general discussion and During the training period, the customer can request to follow advisory, support, general discussion and interaction.

TIPTOP Service Center
When the online customer have problems that can be solved by the TSC TIPTOP Service Center; CIT Computer Telephony Integration with whole mechanisms of technology, it gives customers the proprietary code and TSC.

Success criteria of applying the system
TIPTOP GP settlement costs and output report accurate results in 3 months, it starts using the system and shifting to TSC (TIPTOP Service Center).

CRM Customer relationship management and database 
The process of resolving issues related to customer records, which will help track the system problems and modified features of historical data, can show the high value of this database.

Online Learning System 24 hours 
E – Service and E – Learning website provide Digiwin customers 24 hours online service; moreover, it also has a complete “Education Training” for customers to learn on their own such as: “customer problems FAQ”, “Call Center” and “customer assignment”.

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